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Integrating With PeepSo

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What is This Feature

It's possible to integrate CM User Submitted Posts with the PeepSo Social Network. This allows your users to write posts right from their PeepSo profiles and submit the posts while benefiting from all User Submitted Posts features, such as rich format and moderation.

The integration uses the free PeepSo Blog Posts plugin. 

Integration Step-by-Step

Follow these steps to perform the integration:

  • The User Submitted Posts plugin has to be active on your WordPress website.
  • Download the free PeepSo Blog Post plugin from PeepSo's website. To do this, access the Blog Post plugin page and add it to the cart.
    Proceed to checkout and you will receive a download link
  • Install the Blog Posts plugin on your WordPress website.
  • Head to Admin Dashboard → Configuration → Blog Posts. There, enable both Author Profiles and CMinds User Submissions integration, as highlighted:
  • Now that the integration is complete, the users can access the "Blog" section in their PeepSo profiles...
    ... and when they click Create, they will access the User Submitted Posts.

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