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How Weight Works (Chance of Display)

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You can define the chance of campaigns or banners being displayed by assigning weight values to them.  

The plugin calculates the weight of each banner or campaign using a value from 0 to 100, meaning 0 will never appear and 100 will always appear.  Two banners with weight 50 means each will have 50% chance of appearing.

You can input different numeric values in the Weight field and the plugin will do the calculations for you.


Here is a table with examples with 3 banners or campaigns:

If you input The plugin will store
0,0,0 0,0,0
0,0,1 0,0,100
90,90,90 33,33,34 (equivalent to 0,0,0)
1,2,7 10,20,70
1,2,3 17,33,50
2,1,1 50,25,25

The following image shows a campaign with three banners. The first has weight 50 (will have 50% chance of appearing) and the other two, weight 25 (25% chance of appearing).

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