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All the existing sliders are available in the separate section All Sliders below Powerful Slider Plugin

The sliders are stored in the table with the following columns:

Title - shows the title of each slider.

Shortcode - displays shortcodes that you can use to show each slider in the Front-End.

Author - shows the name of the author.

Date - displays the latest date when the slider was modified or published. 

The admin can also apply actions to multiple sliders in bulk to Edit or Remove them. The plugin also allows applying filters by using the search field above the list or filter the sliders by dates. 

The sliders can also be categorized within the All, Published and Draft sections. The admin can easily switch between them to edit the details.

Edit Sliders In The List

The plugin provides quick editing directly on the list for each slider. Hover over any slider and click the link Quick Edit.  

You will find the following fields for editing:

Title - allows editing the title.

Slug - allows specifying the bit of text that appears after your domain name in the URL of a page. 

Date - allows editing the date. 

Password - allows add a password or switch the slider to the Private mode. 

Click the button Update the save the changes, or Cancel to cancel editing.

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