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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory Pro → Settings.

Click on the Product Page tab.

Product Page Defaults

The Product Page Defaults dictates what is the standard settings of every new product page. As such, you can change this for each product. This include default country, if comments will be show and much more.

  • Default country - Choose the default product company country.
  • Default year founded - Choose the default year, when the prodcut company was established.
  • Show a Google map - Enable it, if you want a Google map to be shown as default on each product page for the company address.
  • Show an Business Address - Enable it, if you want a Business Address to be shown as default on each product page.
  • Default template - Choose the default template for the product page appearance.
  • Template bind with the_content() hook - If your active theme "header.php" and "footer.php" files are empty and header/footer sections designed with layouts or blocks, then you need to enable this option. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.6.9.
  • Display product logo - Enable it, if you want a product logo to be displayed on a product page.
  • Display year founded - Enable it, of you want a business year founded to be displayed on a product page.
  • Display product page publish/update date - Choose yes if you want to display the respective date.
  • Add Meta description - Select yes or no to add a meta description tag on the page. By default this option is set to no; a meta tag containing the description will not be shown unless you have an SEO plugin which does this. 
    If you enable this option, then a meta description will be injected to the html source of the page containing the pitch if it has been entered. If you have Yoast SEO installed and you have filled up the meta description for the specific product, the Yoast description will be shown instead.
  • Show comments - Select yes to display default WordPress comments section for each product. This will allow users to leave comments on the product' page. 
  • Show WordPress sidebar - Select yes to display the WP sidebar on every product page.
  • Show back to directory index link - Select yes to display the "back to directory index" link at the top of the page. You can control the label associated with this link in the plugin settings.
  • Show company e-mail address - Select yes to display an email address next to the e-mail link on the Product Page.

  • Enable Lightbox - Turns on pop-ups for images and videos. 
  • Make phone number clickable - The HTML tag will be href="tel:"

Note on Template

  • Default template - Choose a default template from the drop down menu. 
    • It is possible to build additional templates. To do this you need to:
      • Copy the directory called "cm_default" from cm-product-directory-pro/frontend/templates/ 
      • Paste it into wp-content/themes/<your_theme>/CMBD/ so you have a path that looks like this: wp-content/themes/twentysixteen/CMBD/cm_default/
      • Rename the template from "cm_default" to whatever you please
      • After creating your own template and a directory for it, the directory name will appear as a dropbox selection. Each template needs to include several files and follow the same directory structure as the default template.

See the template inside the plugin's directory below:

Learn more with examples: General Support - Advanced - Creating and Editing Custom Templates - CreativeMinds Products Documentation.

Taxonomy Terms

Read more: CM Product Directory (CMPD) - Additional Taxonomy.

Additional Links for the Product Information

  • Show additional custom links - Select yes to show additional custom links on the page. The label and icon will be shown on the product page in the social information section.  
  • Custom link label and icon - Set this option to show additional custom links on the page. The label and icon will be shown on the product page in the social information section.  

Additional Fields for Product Description

  • Show additional custom fields - Select yes on this option to show additional custom fields. The label and icon will be shown on the product page in the social information section. 
  • Custom field position - Select the location where this field should be displayed from the dropdown menu.

Related Products

  • Show related products - Select yes or no to show related products. The related products widget will show at the bottom of the page. You can also control the number of related products that will appear and how they will be selected.
  • Related products by category - Select yes or no to feature related products by category on the page. It means that only if the related products are from the same category of the current product they will appear. If this option is not selected, a random list of related products will be shown.
  • Number of related products - Choose the number of related products to display on the product page.

Product Information Section

Enable or disable the product video field

Product Page Colors

Pick the color for each of the page's section

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