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Custom Fields is an add-on to the CM Map Locations plugin.

The add-on allows you to create new custom fields for your locations. They can be one of three types: single-line text, multiple line text, and 5-grade scale. This guarantees a wide array of possibilities.

Use Examples

  • Restaurant Review - Add the 5-grade scale fields "Cost-benefit", "Quality", "Service" and a multiple-line field "Review" to inform your readers about the venues you've visited.
  • Traveling Blog - Add the text field "Tourist Tips" to help fellow travelers. Then, add the fields "Accessibility" and "Best Time to Visit" for the complete service.
  • Journal - Add the text field "Best Memories" to locations that made a good impression on you.
  • And much more!

Using - Adding Custom Fields

Head to Admin Panel → CM Map Locations Pro → Settings → Custom Fields tab.

In there, you will find a table where you can create as many custom fields as you would like. 

For that, simply click Add new field, and set:

  • Text label - The name the users will see. 
  • Meta key - This only serves to help the add-on identify the custom field. It will not affect sorting. 
  • Field type - Choose between:
    • Single-line text field: Text in a single line. Best for small text such as "Yes"/"No", telephone numbers, etc.
    • Select (drop-down field): Allows the user to choose a value from a list. Dropdown is good if you need to give a user options with very little space. 
    • Radio field: The user can choose one options from two or more from the list. 
    • Multi-line text area: Bigger area to write. Best for content such as analysis, impressions, lists, etc.
    • 5-grade scale: Ranking from 1 star to 5 stars. Best for ratings of any sorts, such as "Beauty", "Price", "Cost-benefit" etc.  
  • Field values (only used for select and radio) - Values that you add to the list for choice. 
  • Multiselect (only used for select and radio) - Enable this option so the user can choose more than one option from the list.

Note that custom fields apply to all locations - the ones you add on this page will be available when editing any location.


Interface - What Users See

Editing a Location

When editing a location, the new custom fields will appear as soon as the place is marked on the map.


Editing the location "Colosseum" with the new custom fields "Beauty", "Highlights", "My Impressions", "Cost-benefit", "Tourist Information", and "Park Spot".

Location Page

The image below highlights the new custom fields.

Custom fields with no value will not be shown.

Interface - Label

The add-on has a single configurable label.

It can be found on  Admin Panel → CM Map Locations Pro → Settings → Labels.

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