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The Product Directory Community add-on comes with an included shortcode that allows a Dashboard to be added to any page or post on your WordPress website. This allows the logged in user to manage any products that they have added or claimed without having to have access to the Admin Panel.

Getting the shortcode

For convenience, since you're here you can simply copy the shortcode from here to your clipboard now. But for future reference if you happen to be in the WordPress dashboard see below for where to find the dashboard shortcode in future.


The shortcode is available through the plugin settings. On the admin panel navigate to CM Product Directory Pro → Settings. Then above the tabs menu for the various plugin settings locate the link text labeled Supported Shortcodes: - click "Show/Hide" to reveal the various shortcodes for the Product Directory plugin and any installed add-ons.

Low down on the shortcodes list you can find the dashboard shortcode, find it more easily by searching the page for the word dashboard.

Implementing the Shortcode

You can place the dashboard on a pre-existing page or post or create a new one. It's up to you if you'd like to add any other content to the page / post or simply add the dashboard itself. The shortcode can be added while in Visual or Text edit mode.

Click the  Publish or  Update button (depending on if it's a new or old page / post) on the right to save the changes.

Next check the front-end....

If you or a user who has just signed up has not yet submitted any products yet they will see a message informing them of this with a link to suggest products.

When products have been submitted and if required moderated and approved they will appear in a table.

A user's products can be Edited and Deleted from the dashboard. They can also suggest new products from here.

More information about the CM Product Directory Community WordPress  Plugin

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