CM Product Directory Community (CMPDC) - Settings


Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings.

Click on the Community Product tab.

Form Settings

Captcha will be used on places where the user can submit information. This happens on the add/update a product and the claim a product functionality.

Captcha Note

You must provide reCaptcha v2 Invisible keys.

  • Show Captcha Check the box to secure the form with Captcha.
  • Captcha key Enter the Captcha key in the provided box.
  • Captcha secret key Enter the Captcha secret key in the provided box.
  • Use textareas instead of WordPress Editor Check this box if you want replace WP Editor with simple text areas fields.
  • Show authentication section for guest user - Allows user to register during the process. The user will be able to manage their own data

Moderation Settings

Scroll down to Moderation Settings. Check the box to have new submitted products moderated. Select from the drop down menu who can add a new product. if moderation is set, every product which is submitted to the directory will have to be approved first before appearing.

Read more about  Moderation Settings.

Notification Settings

Notifications are used to send an email to the user submitting his products on the status on the product page and also to the admin managing the directory. In both cases you can customize the email template and decide it should be sent at all.

Read more about  Notification Settings.

Add a Product Form

  • Suggest a Product Page ID - Edit the link to suggest a product form. This can be show up in the product directory index page.
  • "Suggest a Product Form" - Link to the page with "Suggest a product" form. You can click the edit to open the page editor.
  • Add "Suggest a Product" link on product directory index page - Check the box to add a link to the suggest a product link on the product directory index page.
  • Maximum number of categories - Set the maximum number of categories that can be added per product by a user which submit his product. the admin can always add more categories.

Product Claim Settings

Read more about  Claim Functionality.

Product Recovery Settings

Read more about Password Recovery.

More information about the CM Product Directory Community WordPress  Plugin

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