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Exporting and Importing Reviews

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TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

Starting from the version 2.1 of CM Reviews and Ratings, it's possible to export and import reviews as an .CSV file.

What are .CSV Files

CSV, or comma-separated values, are files that can be read by either Text Editors or Spreadsheet Editors, such as Microsoft Excel and Numbers. It is recommended to handle them as tables by opening them with a Spreadsheet Editor.


The CSV files have to follow some rules:

  • File should be UTF-8 encoded.
  • If you use MS Excel, please remember that by default it can't save proper CSV format (comma-delimited) - see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article
  • All the fields which can contain commas must be enclosed in quotes! (To be 100% safe enclose each field in quotes)
  • The only two mandatory fields are PostId and Rate. The image below shows example of two rows that would be successfully imported and one that would not.

Accessing the Feature

To perform these actions, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Reviews → Import/Export.

You will reach the following page:

  • Export to CSV - Generates a .CSV file. 
  • Import from CSV - Click the Choose File button, select the file and then click Import from CSV.
    Note that reviews will be overwritten if they have the same PostID

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