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Approving / Rejecting Users from within Admin Notification Email

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The site admin can choose to send themselves or anyone they wish notification emails whenever a visitor with a Registration Code attempts to Register on the site. This email can have a link to Approve the Registrant directly from the email.

Adding the Approve / Reject links to the email

The default Admin Notification email contains the link to Approve the registration. However, if you happen to delete the original template contents you can add the Approve links very easily.

On the WordPress admin panel, navigate to CM Registration Pro → Settings → Approve New Users → Admin Notifications.

In the Text box labeled Template of the notification email ensures that the...




links are in the body of the email. You can create anchors and add them as the href parameter or use the visual editor and click the link button to do this.
Scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and click the Save button to save the changes.

Approving a User Registration directly from the email

When a new User Registers through the CM Registration Pro plugin the recipients defined will receive email notifications. Now, with the settings configured as described above the Admin Email notification recipients will be able to simply click on the link in the email to Approve the new User.

More information about the CM Registration Approve New Users Add-On WordPress  Plugin

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