CM Registration Approve New Users - Approving New Users from Admin Panel

Approving / Rejecting New Users from the Admin Panel

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What is This Feature

Newly submitted and pending Registrations can be approved by the site admin through the Admin Panel within the Registration Pro Settings. Some admins may prefer this method for receiving email notifications, which can clutter the mailbox if the website is very popular.

How To

From the Admin Panel navigate to CM Registration Pro → Pending Registrations.

All the pending registrations on the site will be displayed. For each registration, you can view the main account information submitted and the date of registration.

Click on the Approve button to Approve the Registration or the Reject button to reject it.

Extra: Accessing the User Profile Fields

Also, note that clicking the login name...

...will direct you to the profile fields screens of that user.

More information about the CM Registration Approve New Users Add-On WordPress  Plugin

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