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User Email Notifications

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The New Registrant can be automatically sent either an Approval or a Rejection email. Both approval and rejection emails are customizable.

Modifying the Approved Email Template

From the admin panel navigate to CM Registration Pro → Settings → Approve New Users → User Notifications.

The first two fields in this section are the Subject and Body for the Approved Email Template. Use the Shortcodes provided on the right in the description section to add dynamic content to the Subject or Body of the email. 

For example, you can use:


In the Subject to show the display name that the user has chosen.

You can also add a link to Direct the Newly Approved User to the Sign-in Page


Add HTML to the email

HTML Emails can be included or created. To use HTML click on the Text button on the top right of the text box labeled Template of the notification email:

Modifying the Rejected Email Template

The third and fourth fields in the User Notification section are for modifying the Subject and Body of the Rejected Email notifications respectively.

Editing these is exactly the same process as above.

When you have made all the modifications that you need to make click the Save button to save the changes.

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