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Differences Between Yoast SEO and SEO Keyword Hound

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Yoast SEO is arguably the most well-known SEO-related WordPress plugin. This raises the question: why use other solutions if there is one that is already well-established?

In this guide we will explain how  SEO Keyword Hound and Yoast SEO are different and in fact often complementary.


Yoast aims to increase your website's traffic by optimizing one keyword (five in the paid version) per post/page by suggesting a series of actions to make the content more SEO-friendly. These instructions include using the monitored keyword a set number of times in specific places, adjusting the text length, and so on. 

The plugin also allows you to customize on-page elements such as page title, meta description and featured image for Facebook and Twitter. This affects how the content will display in search results.

It boasts a user-friendly interface that handles most, if not all, technical aspects for the admin.

SEO Keyword Hound is a powerful data centered tool focused on monitoring unlimited keywords on each post/page while giving you the ability to quickly compare keyword content and placement directly with your competitors. Page keyword data is stored and can be viewed and compared historically.

The plugin does not affect how the the content will be displayed to the search engines - rather, it's focused on helping you improve your content so the search engines can find it in the first place.

It allows you to centralize and analyze a great deal of information so you can more easily and effectively manage your SEO content enhancement efforts on the page and site level. 

Summary: General Enhancement + Strategic Fine-tuning

Yoast is a useful tool that gives information on how to improve the SEO of each individual post/page and provides powerful options to organize your website so that search engines can reach it better. It's ideal for general SEO efforts focused on the present.

SEO Keyword Hound is a powerful plugin for improving SEO based on specific keyword use, search queries, and the history of your site and your competitors'. It is ideal to fine-tune on page SEO so that you can track results to get the best ranking and traffic over time.

In conclusion, both tools have different functionalities that when properly combined can be a potent recipe boost your SEO. 

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