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Deletion Moderation

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It can be beneficial for the site admin to be able to control and moderate the Users' ability to delete their own work. To set whether or not users need approval to delete their own work, from the admin panel navigate to CM User Submitted Posts → Settings → General Settings.

Scroll down to the Checkbox labeled Deletion Moderation.

To Enable Deletion Moderation check the box. To disable it leave the box unchecked.

Click the Save Changes button to save.

User Experience

With Deletion Moderation Users will be able to freely delete their content from the Customer Dashboard. But if Deletion Moderation is enabled, when they click the Delete button on the user dashboard they will see a message informing them that their Article will be deleted after moderation.

The site admin will then receive an Email informing them of the article pending deletion moderation with a link to bring them to the dashboard where they can decide whether or not to approve it.

Within the Deletion Moderation view they can quickly decide whether to move the item to trash and then further delete it permanently or to cancel the deletion.

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