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Customizing Email Notifications

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The Site Admin can Customize the email notifications that are sent whenever site users content is uploaded, modified or when the user attempts to delete their content (depending on deletion moderation configuration).

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM User Submitted Posts → Settings.

Under the Notifications tab, there are two types of Email notifications that can be configured. 

1) Email notifications for the Admin to inform them of Users' actions regarding the creation or modification of content through the Form and Dashboard.

2) User Email notifications to inform them of when the status of their front-end submitted content changes. E.g. from Pending to Approved.

The configuration of both emails works in the same manner. The only difference being that Admin email notifications can be set to send to additional email addresses to help divide the labor or to keep required parties in the know about site changes.

Customizing the Email template

Locate the email notification subject for the Admin or for the User.

This field determine the subject of the notification email that will be sent. You can manually enter whatever subject you would like. There is also the option to include one of the Shortcodes to relate the title to the post more closely. Next, give the email some content in the textbox labeled email notification text. HTML can be used for some light styling. Shortcodes can also be employed to make the boxy of the email more live / relevant informatin for the admin.Shortcodes are also available for linking to the Post or the Post edit page to speed up the Admin's Process of moderating and editing newly added User Content.

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