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Settings - Notifications

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Accessing the Settings

You can find the settings for CM SEO Keyword Hound in the path  Admin Dashboard → CM SEO Keyword Hound → Settings.


  • Enable - Enable or disable the feature
  • Emails - Select at what time the email will be sent. Respects the website's timezone settings. 
  • Emails - Write down to which emails addresses the notifications will be sent.

    Separate each email with commas (for instance,
  • Interval Days - Set the frequency of the notifications in days. 
  • Email Subject - Change the email subject. 
  • Email Content - Customize the email content. Use the following placeholders to customize the message. Placeholders are just like shortcodes: you insert them in the Back-End and they will change to a different value in the Front-End.
    • {page-title} - page title
    • {edit-url} - edit page url
    • {reset-date} - date of the last reset
    • {custom-notification-message} - the notification text

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