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There are several notification options available with the User Submitted Posts plugin. It is possible to show Admin Panel notifications as well as Email notifications. Admin can be notified upon Post submittal, modification or deletion.

Enable Admin Email Notifications

To configure email notifications, from the admin panel navigate to CM User Submitted Posts → Settings → Notifications.

To enable the feature locate the checkbox labeled Admin Email Notification. Checking this box will enable notifications, unchecking it will disable them.

The Admin will then receive email notifications when a User Submitted Post is Uploaded, Edited or the User wishes to delete it. The email that is sent can be customized, 

Setting the Recipients of Admin Email Notifications

Admin Email notifications are automatically sent to the emails saved for the Admin that are set for the site. Additional recipients can be set however, allowing for delegation of managing User Submitted Posts.

Locate the text box labeled   Additional emails to send admin notifications to. In this box enter the email addresses that you would like to receive the email notifications for submitted posts, changes and deletions.

Admin Panel Notifications

Notifications for User Submitted Content can also be seen. These appear when a user logs in on the main screen of the WordPress dashboard. Enable admin panel notifications through the Notifications settings. Navigate to CM User Submitted Posts → Settings → Notifications.

Locate the Checkbox labeled Admin panel notification. To disable these notifications uncheck this box.

Below this option select which Site Users will see the Admin Panel notifications when they log into WordPress. Choose more than one User group by holding CTRL on windows or CMD on mac.

When an article is submitted, modified or submitted for deletion a notification will appear on the homepage of the dashboard. Clicking it will direct the admin to the Moderation view where they can browse articles that are pending moderation and decide on the course of action to take with each.

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