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Adding Tables of Contents to Pages / Posts

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The main function of the Table of Contents Plugin is to comb through pages and posts, particularly long ones. Tables of contents are automatically generated based on their header contents. The Table of contents generated will get it's hierarchy from the type of header h1 < h2 < h3 etc.

Start by going to the edit page or edit post view of where you would like the Table of Contents to go

Go to the page editor for the page you've chosen. This is easily done from the front-end if you are logged in as WordPress will display a bar across the top of the page with an option to "Edit".

Scroll down past the Text Editor to the CM Table of Contents - Custom Selectors section, shown above.

Check the box Search for Table Of Contents items on this post / page. 

Scroll up a little to reveal the Update button and click it to save your changes.

Once the Page has refreshed view the front-end to see the newly displayed Table of Contents. Notice how the h3 tags are indented further to the right and are a slightly smaller size

Internal linking

The Table of Contents also links to the different sections in the content. Making it easier for readers to skip right to what they need on your page.

More information about the  CM Table of Contents Plugin

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