WordPress Table of Contents Plugin (CMTOC) - Advanced - Performance (Footer JS + Caching), Debug and Nofollow Tag

Advanced Settings 

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There are some performance features included in the plugin settings to help improve page load speed while using the WordPress Table of Contents plugin


Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Table of Contents Pro → Settings → General Settings tab. Scroll down to the Performance & Debug section.

Performance and debug settings - Table of Contents WordPress
Performance and debug settings
  • Load the scripts in footer? - Select this option if you want to load the plugin's js files in the footer. This mean the body of the page will display sooner for the visitor to view.
  • Enable the caching mechanisms - Enables an inbuilt caching mechanism. 
  • No follow - Makes all TOC links nofollow, adding the rel="nofollow" attribute to them. This tells search engines to ignore those links, so that they don't impact page rankings.
  • Embed googleon/googleoff tags - Prevents the Table Of Contents from being indexed by using googleoff/googleon tags. This means that the text between the tags will not be indexed, associated with anchor texts, or used for a snippet. By default it's disabled.

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes to save the changes.

Saving the changes - WordPress Table of Contents Block
Saving the changes

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