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Integration With CM Registration and Invitation Codes

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The CM Restrict User Account Access can be used in tandem with the CM Registration and Invitation Codes plugin to generate invitation codes for temporary accounts.

These accounts will expire and, optionally, be deleted after a set amount of time.

Note: For this feature to work, both plugins must be activated.

Managing Invitation Codes For Temporary Accounts

You can manage these settings while creating or editing an invitation code. To learn more about invitation codes, check our guides about CM Registration and Invitation Codes.

They should appear as one of the Invitation Code's options, as highlighted below:

  • Choose date type to restrict user access after - If set to none, the accounts will never expire. 
    • Absolute (1) / Relative (2): Choose between either to set when the account will expire.
      • An absolute date is a specific day in the calendar.
      • A relative date is a period of time after the account is activated.
    • Delete user after expiration - If you check this box, the following options will appear
    • What should be done with the content owned by this user - Choose how to handle the data. There are three possibilities:
      • Delete all content - All the content will be trashed.
      • Attribute all content to - All the content will be transferred to the selected user.
      • Use default global setting - This option will reflect what has been chosen in the plugin's general settings. Learn more about them in the General Settings guide.

More information about the   CM Restrict User Account Access

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