WooCommerce - Creating/editing a Payment Product (Advanced Method)

Creating/Editing a Payment "Product" In WooCommerce

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The payments for various actions in the  Payments add-ons are connected with the virtual products created in the payment system.

There are two ways of creating the products allowing for the payments: the simple way, by doing it from inside the add-on, and the advanced way, by doing it from WooCommerce

We will cover the advanced method in this documentation.  Read about the simple method.

Note on WooCommerce Product Fields

WooCommerce supports additional information, such as if the product is physical or not, its weight and shipment information. However, the only information that is relevant to the add-ons is the product's NameShort Description, and Prices (Regular and Sale). Other data will not be fetched.

Creating a WooCommerce Product Natively

The interface for adding or editing a download is the same as that of creating a page or post.To create a product, there are two possible paths, which lead to the same place:

  • Admin Dashboard → Products (1) All Products (2) → Add New (3).
  • Admin DashboardProducts (1) → Add New (4).

You will reach the Add New Product Screen. The screen below has the Price settings highlighted.

The description of the product will come from the Short Description field, as shown below:

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