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Image Banners

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If you chose the option Image Banners under Campaign type on the Campaign Banners tab, you will have the ability to upload images which will be used as your ads.

Adding Campaign Images

Campaign images and banners can be added easily by clicking the “Select file” button. The images are automatically uploaded via AJAX request. 

You can add up to 50 banners per campaign with over 10 dimensional variations allowed for each banner.

  • Campaign Type - Pick the type of the advertisements in the current campaign from the list currently supported types. Choose Image Banners.
  • Cloud Storage URL - Cloud Storage URL is where the campaign banners are stored. Make sure to specify the correct url of your cloud storage bucket.
    All Campaign images will be served from this location if Use Cloud Storage is set. All local campaign images are stored under WordPress upload directory in a sub-directory called ac_uploads.
    Make sure to upload them to cloud storage!
  • Display Method - Display Banner Method (Selected - Will only serve selected banner or Random will serve random banner based on banner weight).
  • Campaign Images - All banners for this campaign. Variations are different size options for each banner. They are selected when client is set to work in responsive mode.

Adding Image Attributes

Each banner has the following meta description fields:

  • Name - Banner name.
  • Banner Title - Will appear in banner image title.
  • Banner Alt - Will appear in banner image alt.
  • Target URL - Will override campaign target URL if specified.
  • Weight - Will define what is the relative amount of impressions for this banner in compare to other banners in the campaign.
  • Banner Link Behavior - Choose custom banner link behavior.
  • Add variations - Choose images for banner variations

Banner name is nothing other than the name of the banner. Banner Title and Banner Alt are respectively title and alt description attributes of the specific banner image, which are fields used for search engine optimization. 

The target URL is the banner link URL, if this tag is left empty, the banner will not be wrapped into <a> tag.

Defining a Banner’s Weight

Weight specifies a numeric field which is used only if the random banner display method is set. This field is used to determine the probability of displaying one over another banner. 

Weight can have a value from 0 to 100. Although the admin can enter any number from this range, the sum of weights must be either 100 or 0, even if the sum of entered weights is more or less then 100, it’s fixed by default when user submits the banners.

Here is a table with few explanations & examples:

In case there are 3 banners in the campaign.

User input Stored values
0,0,0 0,0,0
0,0,1 0,0,100
90,90,90 33,33,34 (equivalent to 0,0,0)
1,2,7 10,20,70
1,2,3 17,33,50

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