CM Download Manager (CMDM) - Payments

CM Download (CMDM) - Payments 

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The CM Download Manager plugin has default support for MicroPayments and can also support EDD (Easy Digital Download) and WooCommerce when powered by the add-on CM Download Manager Payments Addon

Here is a simple breakdown:

  • Base plugin CM Download Manager: Supports MicroPayments. With this method you will be able to not only charge but also grant points per download, and grant user points when uploading a file.
  • Add-on CM Download Manager Payments Addon: Adds WooCommerce and EDD support, making CM Download Manager work with EDD, WooCommerce and MicroPayments.
    • Note: For this integration to work, you must have either the plugin EDD (Easy Digital Download) or WooCommerce installed.

Setting up the Payment - MicroPayments

By default, MicroPayments is disabled, to enable it, navigate to your website Dashboard → CM Downloads Pro → Settings and to the MicroPayments tab.

Under the download actions, you will have the option to:

  • grant the user points per download or charge the user points per download, if one of these two options is chosen, a price must be set and will be used for all downloads.

  • You can also choose the option to have it set per download. Once this last option is enabled, when creating or editing download a new option will be available, so you can set the desired action for each download individually. 

Under the upload actions, you will have the option to:

  • grant the user points per download or charge the user points per download, if one of these two options is chosen, a price must be set and will be used for all uploads.

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