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Pop-Up and Fly-in Banners

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The CM Ad-Changer server pro edition allows you to define a campaign type as a fly-in or pop-up banner campaign.

To define this, open one of your campaigns and go to the Campaign Banners tab. 

Open the dropdown menu next to the option Campaign type, and select Floating banner for a pop-up banner, or Fly-in Bottom page Banner for a fly-in banner.

Defining your Fly-in or pop-up Banner preferences

If you select one of these campaign types, new options will appear on the screen, asking you to define the banner’s dimensions, background color, and other effects such as:

  • Campaign Type – Pick the type of advertisements in the current campaign from the list currently supported types. In this case: Floating Banner or Flyin Bottom Page Banner.
  • Display Method – Display Banner Method (Selected - Will only serve the selected banner. Random -Will serve a random banner based on banner weight).
  • Width – Set this up to limit the width of the div containing the HTML ads. You may specify both number and the unit e.g. 100px 50% 30em (no unit defaults to "px").
  • Height – Set this up to limit the height of the div containing the HTML ads. You may specify both number and the unit e.g. 100px 50% 30em (no unit defaults to "px").
  • Background Color – Background of floating banner HTML content.
  • Delay To Show – Define how long to wait from the moment page loads until the ad is displayed.
  • Banner Shape – Define round or sharp edges for your ad.
  • Show Effect – Choose the animation effect in which the pop-up banner should appear on the screen.
    • Pop In
    • Rotate In
    • Tada
    • Shake
    • Swing
    • Flash
    • Bounce
  • Interval – Define whether to display the ad every time a page loads or only on the first-page load.
  • Banner Underlay Type – Shadow color of the underlying background under the banner.
  • AdDesigner – Design your ads in real-time via the ad changer server.
  • Campaign  HTML Ads – Design a pop-up banner in using an HTML editor


See how it looks like on front-end → DEMO.

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