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How the Add-on Works

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The Group Meeting Add-on for WordPress allows multiple bookings for events managed by the Appointments Booking Pro Plugin. It serves as an event booking solution for your calendar.

When enabled, it allows the calendar to have both regular slots and meeting slots. One example:

If the admin creates a regular and a meeting event for the same time, the meeting has higher priority and will show in the Front-end.

Managing Group Meetings

The Group Meetings can be easily found at CM Appointments Booking Pro (1) → Group Meetings (2). 

Adding Group Meetings

To perform this, navigate to CM Appointments Booking Pro → Group Meetings.

Then, click the Add New Group button at the top of the page.

You will be directed to the Add Meeting page. 

Here you can set:

  • The name of the meeting.
  • The calendar it belongs to.
  • The start datetime and the duration.
  • Available seats/openings.
  • Description - Will be shown in the Front-End. Learn more about the Front-end of this add-on. (Version 1.0.5 introduced the TinyMCE editor to this field)

Rejecting Meetings

You can reject a group meeting in the Bookings manager screen, as any other booking. It's possible to trash the meeting itself in the Group Meetings screen.

After either, the allotted time slot will be free for new bookings.

Integration With Other Booking Add-ons

The  Group Meeting Add-on has full compatibility with the other Appointments Booking Pro add-ons. Using it together with CM Appointments Booking Payments Pro, for instance, allows you to charge users for booking group meetings.

More information about the CM Appointments Booking Pro Group Meeting Add-on

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