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Customizing Notification Emails

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What is This Feature

After a content contributor submits a post for review in the usual way, the Editor Moderation Tools Plugin will begin a process of email notifications between the Editor / Moderator and the Author of the post. 

The emails that are sent to notify either the editor or author of submissions or updates can be modified through the plugin settings.

These are the emails that can be customized:

Number Sent to Purpose of the email
1 Moderator New content was submitted and is pending review
2 Author Moderator reviewed content and is sending notes
3 Moderator Author reviewed moderator's notes 
4 Author Moderator has approved content

Accessing the Settings

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to  CM Editor Moderation Tools → CM Editor Moderation Tools → Notifications (tab)

Email 1) Pending Review Notification

The Pending review Notification is the email that is initially sent to the Moderator when a new Post is submitted for review by one of the Contributors on the website.

The Subject and Body of the email can be modified using the Visual or Text editor. Using the text editor allows for HTML emails to be used.

Shortcodes can also be employed to make the emails more dynamic and are included in the default emails that come with the plugin.

Final message example

Email 2) Moderator Notes Notification Email

The second email template creates an email to send to the Author of the post following a Moderator completing a review and leaving notes.

When the Moderator has finished the review the notes they have added will be sent via email to the Author.

Like the first notification email this can be edited in both visual and html mode and can have shortcodes included for dynamic content.

Final message example

Email 3) Author Review Request Notification

This message is sent to the Moderator or Editor when the Author has reviewed the notes that were made on the post and has made the suggested changes.

When the Author checks off notes left by the moderator and clicks the "Ask for review" button the moderator will receive a summary of the amendments that have been made.

Final message example

Email 4) Moderator Approved

This message is sent to the Author when the moderator has approved his/her contents. This feature was added in version 1.2.2.

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