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Adding Groups to a MicroPayments Credit Cycle

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The MicroPayments Group Actions Plugin is primarily designed for applying store points or credit to a chosen group of users on a Periodic cycle. The User Group, the frequency of crediting and the amount to credit are configurable through the Add-on settings.

They can be accessed navigating to the Admin Dashboard - CM MicroPayment PlatformSettingsGroup Operations tab.

Group Operations Screen

The screen is divided into two parts: the general Group Based Grant/Charge Operations and the operation sets. The image below shows the general configuration and one set.

Group Based Grant/Charge Operations

In this section, you can enable or disable the group operations and set labels to grants and charges.

Operation Sets

  • Select Group - Choose the group associated with the action. Learn how to manage groups.
  • Select Role - Choose with roles inside the group will be affected.
  • Periodic Operations Interval - The number of days before the operation is repeated.
  • Periodic Operations Amount - The number of points that will be transferred. If this number is positive, they will be granted to the users; if it's negative, they will be charged from the users.  

You can add extra sets by clicking the Add New Set button.

More information about the CM MicroPayments Group Actions AddOn

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