MicroPayments Group Actions - Creating and Managing User Groups

Creating User Groups Using the Groups Plugin

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When the Groups Plugin has successfully been installed and activated the menu item will appear on the left of the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Groups → Groups.

The existing user groups are displayed in a list along side the description that was written for the group and the capabilities that were given to the group.

Click on the " + New Group" button at the top of the page to add a new User Group.

Give the Group a Name, Parent (optional) and a description. 

The Capabilities of the group can also be chosen here from a long list of user group capabilities.

Finally Click on " Add" at the bottom of the form to create the group.

Adding Users to a Group

When one or more Groups have been created Users can be added to groups. By default they are assigned to the "Registered" group.

Navigate to Users → All Users

All the users registered on the site will be listed here. On the right side of a User's row is the Group to which they are assigned.

To Add a User to a Group check the box to the left of the user or users that are to be added to the group and choose a group or groups from the "Choose groups" field above the list of users.

Once the user group has been chosen, click on the "Group Actions" field to reveal a drop down of options, from these options select the "Add to group" option then hit "Apply".

The user(s) will then be added to the chosen group(s). Should a user be added to a group who is already in another they will afterward be members of both groups.

Removing Users from Groups

Removing users from groups follows the same process as Adding them but instead of selecting "Add to group" at the final step, "Remove from group" is selected.

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