Route Custom Fields - Creating and Managing Custom Fields

Creating and Managing Custom Fields

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The Route Manager Custom Field Add-On allows site owners to add custom fields to Route Manager Maps so they can display exactly the kind of information about their routes that they would like to. An example:

Adding a New / Editing an Existing Custom Field for a Route

On the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Maps Routes Manager Pro → Settings → Custom Fields

Click on the " Add new field" button below any previously created Custom Fields. 

A new blank row will appear. 

Give the Custom Field a label, a meta key and choose its field type.

When the Text label, meta key, and field type have been set, scroll down and click on the "Save" button. Editing an existing Custom Field is done in the same way. 

The only difference is that the "Text label", "meta key" and "Field type" of an existing Custom Field are selected and then modified. 

Once the desired modifications are finished remember to click "Save".

Deleting Custom Fields

Deleting Custom fields is easy with the Route Custom Fields Add-On.

On same "Custom Fields" tab as is used for adding new fields or modifying existing fields click on the cross to the right of the field that is to be deleted.

Upon choosing to delete the Custom Field a confirmation box will appear asking if the user to click "Yes" to confirm the deletion or "No" to cancel it.

More information about the CM Route Manager Custom Fields Add-On

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