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Tags are useful for linking keywords to imported posts and for boosting the SEO strength of a WordPress site. 

Once you define the matched keywords, every time a new post will be imported, if matching keywords are found then the related tag will be added to the post. You can of course assign multiple tags to each post based on the keywords found in the post content

To create new tags go to CM RSS Post Importer Pro → Tag Definitions.

All existing tags will be listed. To add a new tag click the blue ' Add Tag' button at the top of the page.

The Add New Tag page will open up.

Give the tag a name and enter the match keywords for the tag each separated by a comma. When finished press the blue ' Publish' button to the right.

Tags are only applied to Posts that are Imported with the RSS Post importer AFTER the tags are defined. Previously imported tags will not be applied unless the "Reimport" option is checked. To check this see the RSS Configuration article.

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