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Fetch History

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From the WordPress dashboard go to CM RSS Post Importer Pro  Fetch History.

Fetch History displays a list of all the Posts imported by the RSS Post Importer Plugin. The post's Title, Status, Fetch Date and Processing log information are displayed.

The admin can  View, Edit or Trash each item by hovering the mouse in the Title column.

Editing an imported Post

Identify the post to be edited. From the second column click on ' edit'. This will bring up the edit post page which should look familiar.

Make changes as required. At this point, there is no real difference between editing the imported post and editing any other post.

This is often useful for repairing or removing relative links or shortcodes that won't work outside of the original website.

Delete Raw

Since the version 1.5.9 it is possible to delete those individual fetches that didn't become posts. Just hover on needed fetch and click Delete Raw.

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