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The plugin allows to add custom fields to your Review form (besides the default title, content, user name and e-mail fields).

Custom Fields Position

First thing we need to do is to define, where custom fields will be placed to. Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Reviews → Settings. Under the Review Form tab find the option Custom fields position. This option allows to define the position of custom fields in relation to the review title and content. It has 3 options.

  • Above review title
  • Below review title
  • Below review content (default)

Adding Custom Fields

The plugin allows to create multiple custom fields of different types. To do this, head to the Additional Custom Fields tab in plugin settings. You will see there a form builder.

The editor provides the drag-and-drop area and the default fields next to the area. These fields are:

  • Text Input
  • Text Area
  • Number
  • Select
  • Radio Group
  • Checkbox Group
  • Date Field

The admin can make each field required or not, add tooltips per field with more detailed information, edit CSS class, default values and more.

Edit, Copy, Remove

Apply the actions to each chosen field:

  1. Edit - click on the Edit icon and the field will be open.
  2. Copy - click on the Copy icon to add the same options.
  3. Remove - click on the Delete icon to remove a whole field.

Example on the Front-end:

Review Form:

Posted review with additional custom fields:

You can also find stored additional custom fields info by navigating to Admin Dashboard → CM Reviews → All Reviews. Click on the Show/Hide Custom Fields in the Review Content column.

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