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If you wish to restrict certain users from submitting reviews and ratings:

Navigate to the plugin's Settings page » Access Restrictions tab.

Access Restrictions

On this page you will find different options in moderating different users.

You can choose to:

  • Allow or disallow guests (logged-out and/or unregistered users) to leave reviews and ratings.
  • Allow or disallow specific user roles to leave reviews and ratings.

But more importantly, you can also target-block a specific user by using his IP address:

In this section, you can save a user's IP address in order to prevent him from being able to leave Reviews and Ratings on any of your posts. You can add unlimited number of IPs, simply separate each one with a comma.

How does it work? Blocked users will be able to continue accessing your website, posts and even read reviews submitted by others, but the Review form will simply not be displayed for them anywhere on the site

Once you are satisfied with your blocked IP list, click the " Update" button to apply changes.

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