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Customer Dashboard

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The customer dashboard is available on pages that include the following shortcode  [cm_ad_changer_customer_dashboard] and for campaigns which have been previously assigned to the user which is viewing this page:

Selecting the Campaign

Users can browse all campaigns assigned to him by using the dropbox which appears on the upper left side of the dashboard 

Campaign Information Tab

User will be able to view the following information if exist in the campaign info

Name, Is campaign active, Campaign type, campaign notes, current impression, current clicks, max impression limit, max clicks limit, active days and active dates if set

Campaign Reports Tab

Once visiting the reports section you can select the dates for which you want to have the report generated

Once clicked a report including all campaigns performance per each date will appear 

    Once clicking on the print button a new report format will appear which is adjustable to the printing format

    You can also hover over the banner names in the report and view the actual banner as it appears 

    Using the quick filter can help you narrow results related to a specific banner

More information about the CM Ad Changer Customer Dashboard WordPress  Plugin

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