CM Ad-Changer Dashboard (CMAC) - Installation

Install CM Ad-Changer Customer Dashboard

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Important! You can install the customer dashboard AddOn only on the same site that the Ad Changer server plugin is running.
  • Upload the addon to the dedicated WordPress server’s wp-content/plugins folder.
  • Activate the addon from the WordPress plugins dashboard.

Once the AddOn is installed please make sure to activate the addon license. This is found under the Ad Changer License section

  • Once installed, the addon automatically creates a page that includes the shortcode which displays the customer dashboard. 
  • Please visit the pages list to locate this page:
  • If you need it, you can change the page title. You can also create another page or embed the shortcode  [cm_ad_changer_customer_dashboard]  inside any other page.

Setting up customer access to campaigns

  • Once the Addon is installed a new section is added to each campaign dashboard, allowing you to assign the campaign to the existing users. You can choose to assign the specific campaign to any number of users:

  • Once your user logs into the site, they will be able to view all campaign data which have been assigned to them:

More information about the CM Ad Changer Customer Dashboard WordPress Plugin

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