CM Map Locations (CMML) - Troubleshooting

Map Locations TroubleShooting Guide

Here are some basic troubleshooting checks you should take when the plugin does not work as expected

Map canvas is blank

  1. Make sure you've provided the Google Maps App Server Key (not the browser key) in the plugin settings. Check Key restrictions: None.
  2. Make sure you've enabled all required APIs in your Google Maps App (you can find the APIs list in the Setup article).
  3. Check if a WordPress plugin or theme didn't embed another Google Maps Javascript API on the same page within your website: open your browser's web console (Ctrl + Shift + J in Google Chrome or Ctrl + Shift + K in Firefox) and check if there's an error message telling that the multiple Google APIs has been called. 
    Since our plugin embeds the Google API only when it's needed and other plugins often do this on each page, you may need to disable the conflicting plugin or change your theme to fix this issue.
  4. Open your browser's web console (as described above) and check for the Javascript errors. Some error (which comes from other plugins or the theme) can stop processing our script which is responsible for loading the map.
  5. If your theme or some other plugin have "Google PageSpeed Optimization" option - please disable it. It crashes the JavaScript variables embeded in the HTML code and can be the reason your map doesn't show up.

I cannot search for places on the edit map page

Make sure you've enabled the Places API in your Google Maps App settings. 

Geolocation error shows up on the map page

From the recent web browsers' versions the Geolocation Web API works only on websites that uses https protocol. It won't work with the standard http websites without SSL/TLS encryption.

So you must have SSL / HTTPS running on your website.

404 Page not found error

It seems your Wordpress doesn't recognize the routes pages' permalink correctly.

  1. Make sure you don't have a page or post with the same slug (name) as you give for the plugin's permalink part in the plugin settings. If there's a post with the same slug you may need to change it's slug or the maps permalink part in the plugin settings.
  2. Go to wp-admin -> Settings -> Permalinks -> make sure that the "Post name" has been set as the permalink structure.
  3. Install "Rewrite Rules Inspector" plugin. Then go to wp-admin -> Tools -> Rewrite Rules and press the "Flush rules" button.
  4. Make sure that your post pages are loading correctly using pretty URLs. This is rare issue but if not this mean that your server doesn't support URL rewrite, the htaccess files is not setup correctly on Apache server or you're using other HTTP server where you need to setup the rewrite manually. Please contact with your server administrator to solve this.

Some icons are not being displayed or there's a rectangle in some text labels

Our plugin uses the Wordpress' build-in Dashicons set. However on some themes the dashicons are not displayed properly on the front-end. It's not the plugin's issue, but we didn't discovered yet from where does this conflict come from.

Instructions are not showing up on the edit route page

Go to wp-admin -> CM Maps Routes Manager -> Settings -> Labels tab. There's an Instructions field that you can fill in with the instructions or link to the plugin's documentation for your users.