WordPress Restricted Site Access (SAR) - Integration - Using Together with WordPress Registration Form Plugin (Invitation Codes, Login Redirect)

Using Together With WordPress Registration Form Plugin

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When used together with the WordPress Registration Form plugin, the WordPress Restricted Site Access plugin can support various use cases to enhance any membership plugin.

1) Invitation codes - Send invitation codes to the user that once register have access to specific content on your site.

2) Payment - Set a payment per each invitation code or registration. On each invitation code, you can set the user role after successful registration (all payments are done using Easy Digital Downloads plugin and support more than 30 payment gateways).

Invitation code settings - Content Dripping WordPress Plugin, WordPress Plugin User Registration
Invitation code settings

3) Login Redirect - The WordPress Registration Form plugin integrates with the WordPress Restricted Site Access plugin in such a way that you can redirect to the content restricted page after a successful login. 

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