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The WordPress File Manager plugin includes search functionality that lets you search only for downloads found in the plugin database table. It also supports adding the download custom post to the WordPress default search.

Internal Search

To enable the internal search visit the Index Page tab in the plugin settings and enable the search bar:

Enabling the search bar - WordPress Document Management
Enabling the search bar

Controlling the Search Labels

In the Labels tab of the plugin settings, you can find labels related to the search functionality which can be customized.

You can use the search form above the tabs to easily find the correct labels:

Plugin labels related to the search feature - File Manager WordPress
Plugin labels related to the search feature

Adding the Search to WordPress Site Search

It is possible to add the download custom post type to the WordPress site search functionality so that you can search within the download title and description and find related results together with the result found in posts and pages. 

To include the download custom post type, select yes in the Include downloads in the standard WP search result found in the General tab.

You can also enable an option to search download by tags and define the behavior in such case according to the options available:

Adding the search to WordPress site search - WP File Download Plugin
Adding the search to WordPress site search

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