CM Product Directory Payments (CMPD Add-On) - Creating/editing a Payment Product in EDD

Creating/Editing a Payment "Product" In Easy Digital Downloads


The payments for various actions in the CM Product Directory Payments are connected with the virtual products created in the Easy Digital Downloads.

Normally Easy Digital Downloads allows to sell the virtual products (e.g. files), but we decided to use it as a payment operator because it has a well-developed payment module with many different gateways.

There are two ways of creating the products allowing for the payments. And we will cover both of them in this documentation.

(Simple method) Creating EDD Product from Product Payments

The easiest way to add a new product is to navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Product Directory -> Settings.

Click on the Payment Labels tab.

Here you can see the Easy Digital Downloads Product Association section near each section where it applies:

  • payments for Pay-per-view plans
  • payments for adding new products.
  • payments for claiming products.
  • payments for renewing products.

Below: This is how each section allowing to create the EDD product looks:

In the section you have two options:

  • Selecting the existing product - in this case you just need to select it from the list.
  • Creating a new product (described below)

All you need to do add a product you need to fill two text fields: Name (this should be something informative for the users so they know what they're paying for) and the Price (in USD).

Then click on the Create new EDD Product. The page will refresh and the new product will be automatically selected in the box.

NOTE: Newly created Downloads are simple products with single price (Easy Digital Downloads allows for variable pricing, but it's not supported), which you can edit from the menu of Easy Digital Downloads Downloads -> All Downloads. While editing please remember that the only fields which will be taken into account are the Title and the Price.

(Alternative method) Creating EDD Product Natively

There is another way to create EDD product, native for the plugin. Not recommended if you are not familiar with the Easy Digital Downloads.

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> Downloads -> Add New.

Add Product title.

And set product price:

Note: While Easy Digital Downloads allows to set the variable pricing for the same products, only the simple, single price products are supported by our plugin.

Publish the Product.

ow you can go back to the Payments Settings and choose pre-defined product in the select box.

Below: The newly created product is displayed in the select box.

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