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Settings - Moderation

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Moderation support admin control over new published expert postings and let admin review and approve listing before it is published.

Navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory → Settings.

Click on the  Community Expert tab.

Scroll down to the  Moderation Settings section.

Moderate new expert - Options for enabling moderation after suggesting a expert by user. Select this option if you want to have the new submitted expert moderated.

Below: Notification after suggesting post with moderation enabled.

Who can add a expert -  Which roles should be able to add a expert the the directory? (select more by holding down ctrl key).

Below: In case none of roles are permitted to add a expert admin will see this screen on Form page.

Below: When guest user (anonymous) opens Form page and is not allowed to add a expert.

Moderation Notifications

Once moderation is on admin can receive notifications for new experts being posted for moderation (see notifications section). Notification can be using an email or showing the admin dashboard.

User who posted a listing will also receive an email once listing was accepted if notification was enabled for such case in the notification settings.

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