CM Video Lessons EDD Payments (CMEDDPAY) - Subscriptions - How the Payments Work

Subscriptions - How the Payments Work

Subscriptions allow users to view a specific video or lesson (a collection of videos). If a user without an active subscription tries to view videos, he will be asked to purchase one, as shown below:

To purchase a subscription, the user will have to choose pricing model, then click on Checkout and proceed with the rest of the purchasing process:

After checkout and payment, a subscription will be created on plugin's Subscriptions page on the Admin Dashboard. Here the admin can remove or deactivate/activate subscriptions.

With a paid subscription, videos can be watched.

Adding subscriptions manually

To add a subscription manually, the admin should navigate to  Admin Dashboard  CM Video Lessons Manager Pro  Subscriptions.

1) To add subscriptions manually, first, you have to set pricing model for selected Lesson on the Lesson edit page. You can create a subscription for a specific Lesson as shown below:

2) Then, with pricing models defined, find the lesson, identify the user and set the duration time. For each video, you can choose different pricing model. Click on Add subscription button.

3) Once the subscription is added, it will appear on the list as seen below and the user will be able to watch the selected videos.

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