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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Tooltip Glossary -> Settings.

Remote Import Settings

Click on the Remote Import tab.

  • Server URL - Enter the URL of the server. It has to point to the directory where the admin-ajax.php file resides, usually:
  • Server PIN - Enter PIN for the server. This is optional - fill only if the server is PIN protected.
  • Remote import interval - Choose how often the Remote Glossary should be imported.
  • Remote import hour - Choose the hour when the Remote Glossary Import should take place. The hour should be properly formatted string eg. 23:00 or 1 AM.
  • Import mode - Select the desired import mode:
    • REPLACE - remove the current glossary first, then import the remote glossary
    • ADD NEW - ignore the imported terms if they already exist in the glossary and only add new ones
    • MERGE - override the existing glossary terms (update definitions, etc.) and add new terms
  • Import - Use the button to connect to the Remote Server and Import the glossary. WARNING! Save the changes first!


Change to General Settings tab.

  • Pin Protect - Fill this field with a PIN code that will be required to get the backup. Leave empty to disable PIN Protection.
  • Backup rebuild intervals - Choose how often the backup of the glossary is saved. Choose 'none' to disable automatic saves.
  • Secure Backup - Select this field if you want to use the secure WP Filesystem API for the file saves. Note: This may require the FTP/SSH credentials.
  • Backup rebuild hour - Choose the hour when the Glossary Index Backup saves should take place. The hour should be properly formatted string eg. 23:00 or 1 AM.

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