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How Plugin Works

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The CM Tooltip Glossary Remote Import Add-On provides an easy way to import and replicate remote glossaries across several sites/domains and automatically keep them updated.

Using the WordPress Glossary Import

  • Replicate one of your own CM Glossary databases with all the terms to other site and keep it up-to-date with all changes and additions.
  • Merge multiple glossaries.
  • Update your glossary based on another external glossary.
  • Easily use your glossary in multiple locations.
  • Expand your glossary by importing external glossaries.
  • Keep your glossary up-to-date.

How the Glossary Updates Process Works

To make a replicate copy of a glossary you have on a site A to the site B you need to do the following:

  • Install this AddOn on the site B together with a copy of the Tooltip Glossary Plugin. You need to use the same version in both sites to be able to replicate all content between sites. If you don't have the same version only part of the information may be transferred!
  • In the plugin settings, define the glossary on the site A as the source.
  • Define the updates interval (how often should the replication be made).
  • Define the updates mode – it should always override existing terms found on the site B or add to them.
  • (optional) Add pin code - if the glossary on the site A is protected by a pin code - set it.

How Plugin Works

For example, you want to import 3 terms about WordPress from one site ( A) to another site on the site (B)

First, on the server site (A) go to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Tooltip Pro -> Settings, General Settings tab -> Backup Section to set backup options. 

Here you can choose to have a secure backup with PIN Protect code to protect this backup. Also here you can define how often you want to rebuild backup (at a specific hour or set time interval).

Now change to the receiving site (B), navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Tooltip Pro -> Settings and click on the Remote Import tab.

To the Server URL field paste URL copied from server site (A) Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Import/Export.

Set Server PIN code matching to this defined earlier on the Backup section.

Choose Import mode:

  • Replace - remove the current glossary first, then import the remote glossary.
  • Merge - override the existing glossary terms (update definitions etc.) and add new terms.
  • Add New - ignore the imported terms if they already exist in the glossary and only add new ones

Save changes and then click on the Import Now button to import terms from the sever site.

More information about the CM Tooltip Glossary Remote Import WordPress  Plugin

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