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Plugin Options

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Navigate to Admin Panel → Twitter Aggregator → Options.

Click on Plugin Options tab.


  • Number of columns - Number of columns generated by the plugin in the list view shortcode.
  • Max number of tweets - Maximal number of tweets displayed in categories. This setting can be overridden with shortcode attribute max_links.

    Important: Leaving empty means no limit, which will show all tweets displayed. This can overload your server, especially if the number of tweets exceeds the 1.000 mark.

  • Limit tweet length to 140 characters - By default, the plugin shows the complete tweets (which have up to 280 characters). Enabling this option will limit the length to 140 characters.
    Important: it's necessary to refresh all categories after enabling or disabling this option.
  • No follow - Attribute rel="nofollow" will be added to all tweets on the list. This is important to your overall site SEO.
  • Open in a new window or tab -  Tweets will be opened in a new window or a tab.
  • Show thumbnails - Show images thumbnail from tweets.
  • Show big images - Show big images below tweets.
  • Show sources (tweet by...) - Show tweet by the information below tweets.
  • Show dates - Show dates under tweets.

Below: Front-end list view with descriptions.

Search and filter

  • Show search and filter - Show upper search field and categories filter in list display.
  • Allow user to hide/show categories filter - Allow user to hide some categories in categories filter.
  • Show additional information - Show additional information below search field.
  • Additional information format - Additional information displayed below search filed.
    Use {last-update-date} placeholder to display list last update date and {links-count} to display number of links. You can use HTML entities (for example <br /> or <code>) to customize information format.

Below: Front-end list view with descriptions.

Tweets order

  • Order by - Determine how tweets will be sorted. Choose between:
    • By tweet ascending
    • By tweet descending 
    • By date ascending
    • By date descending

"NEW" tag

This feature allows you to automatically add tag you select to new tweets for specified time.

  • Tag - for example you can define a tag called "new" and add it to each new tweet. Tag name must be defined in advance
  • Duration - How long "NEW" tag will be added. Remember, if "NEW" tag is assigned directly to tweet, this option will not affect displaying it.

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