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A Tags allows admin to automatically add specific tags to Tweet and let user filter tweets by tags.
The plugin automatically assign tags to tweets using keywords.
To add a Tag to Tweet link navigate to the Admin Dashboard  Twitter Aggregator Pro  Tags.
Add new tags.
You can also add or delete tweets tags relation manually: Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  Twitter Aggregator Pro  Tweets. Choose tweet to modify tags.
Check tags you want to add or uncheck tags to remove and click Update.
From now on user will be able to filter tweets which appear in the category/list with tags you added.

Using Tags Slugs for Shortcodes

When using the shortcode to display a specific tag tweets you should use the slug name instead of the tag name.

[cm_twitter_aggregator tag="tag1,tag2" max_links=MAX_LINKS]

Slug name should be visible once you edit the tag

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