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Expert System Flow

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This feature is only available in the Pro edition.

The system can support multiple experts, which are assigned to one or multiple categories. Once a user posts a new question to a specific category, the first expert to accept the question will be the one to manage and to answer it.

The admin can assign or reassign a question to another expert or change the questions' category.

User Types

The expert system supports 3 types of users:

  1. Administrator - Can view all questions, assign a question to a specific expert, make a question private or public and review system statistics.

    Can also make any regular user into an expert by defining him as such for a specific CM Answers category. The user's role will be changed to expert.
  2. Expert - Experts are defined on per category basis. An expert can be assigned to more than one category. Once assigned to a category he/she is able to see the Expert dashboard and accept questions.
  3. User - Any registered Wordpress user is able to post a question and decide if it should be public or private. If private, he/she needs to select the category to which the question is posted. All experts assigned to this category will see this question and the first to accept it will be able to answer it.

    CM Answers Pro
    can work well with another plugin, the CM Registration Pro, which allows new users to be automatically assigned to certain roles.

Notification - The system supports notifications received directly to user emails for follow-up answers and question sent to a specific category.

How to Set Up the System

  1. Visit the dashboard page which is shown in the plugin setting. All your users including the admin should be pointed out to this page.
  2. Define categories in the plugin admin menu.
  3. Per each category assign one or more expert who will be answering questions for this category.
  4. Check the plugin notification settings to define how and when notification are sent.

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