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Campaign Variations

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Variations allow the user to upload different size versions of Campaign banner images. 

In case the screen or banner container is smaller than the actual Banner image, the plugin will display Banner variations instead of resizing the original image.

Variations settings

First, navigate to the Admin Dashboard of the Ad Changer server plugin and open Settings.

Click on the Responsive Settings tab.

  • User Banner Variations - If set, banner variations will be used when screen or container size is smaller than the served banner.
  • Choose variation based on width of [screen|container] - Define based on what the variation size will be defined. Container means the size of the containing element while the screen is the detected screen/device size.
  • If no variations are available resize banner - In case no banner variations exist allow to resize the existing banner to fit the screen/container size accordingly.

Adding variations

To add banner variations navigate to the Admin Dashboard  Ad Changer  Campaigns.

Create a new campaign or edit an existing one, set Campaign Type as Image Banner and upload Campaign Images.

Click on Add variations and choose images of different sizes to add as banner variations.

Below: Original banner image with full-width page.

Below: Banner variation with a sidebar.

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