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Suggest Term Form

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Navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings.

Click on the Community Terms tab.

  • Page ID - Write down the ID of the page with [community_terms_form] shortcode.
  • Allow user to delete terms - Enable or disable deleting terms in Dashboard.
  • Allow user to edit terms - Enable or disable editing terms in Dashboard.
  • Allow anonymous users to add terms without specifying email address - If enabled, users will not be asked for their e-mail address when suggesting terms.
  • Disable WP Editor - If you would like use the simple editor to allow only text, check this option.
  • Labels
    • Link text - Label for Suggest Term link.
    • Label: modification date - Label for Modification Date column.
    • Label: edit term - Label for Edit column.
    • Label: term title - Label for Title column.
    • Label: creation date - Label for Create Date column.
    • Label: delete term - Label form Delete column.

Up: Dashboard with provided labels in first row.

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