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Notification Settings

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The site admin can configure notifications for:

  • When new terms are added by site users (via email)
  • When new terms are added by users (as admin panel notifications)
  • When the admin approves or disapproves a new user added notification (sent to the user)

Notifications are useful for admin who want to stay up to date on the changes that are happening to the content of their site and Glossary of terms and for helping increase user engagement by informing them when their contributions are approved.

Admin Panel Notifications

Admin Panel notifications inform the site admin when new user submitted Glossary Terms are added and are awaiting moderation. They can also allow the admin to quickly publish all community added terms or to view them and to decided term by term what action to take with each.

Setting Up

To configure the admin panel notifications navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Community Terms tab.

Scroll down to the section Notification Settings and enable the option Admin panel notification.

Click the button Save Changes.

Admin Email Notifications

Email Notifications can be configured to be sent to the site admin to notify them of newly added glossary terms from site users. These can be for either terms that are published without need for approval or terms that are sent for approval.

Enable / disable the admin email notification feature locate and check / leave unchecked the box labeled Admin email notification.Give the email a subject by entering what you would like to appear in the field labeled Admin email notification subject.

Finally enter the body of the email in the textbox labeled Admin email notification text.

A default email is included which can be modified or completely replaced. There is also a shortcode included which will insert the term that the user has submitted for reference.

The end result is that Admin will receive email notifications whenever members of the site publish or submit for approval new glossary terms.

User Email Notifications

User Email notifications are sent when the status of the Glossary term that they have added is changed. This is normally when the status has changed from  Pending to Published.

The setup is the same as for the Admin Email Notifications. Identify the settings as shown below, and follow the instructions above for configuring Admin Email Notifications.

Click the button Save Changes after editing the settings.

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