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AnsPress Import Add-on

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We've prepared an add-on to allow you to import your AnsPress questions and answers into WordPress Questions and Answers. After you install the Answers AnsPress Import add-on option is available in the CMA menu in your WordPress admin dashboard.

AnsPress Import settings - WordPress Q and A Plugin
AnsPress Import settings
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The Answers Payments Support add-on does just that.

To import all questions and answers just press the import button as the following:

Importing AnsPress data - Discussion Forum Plugin for WordPress
Importing AnsPress data

If you are using the AnsPress Categories addon, the categories will be imported as well. After the import you will see the import log with information about created questions, answers and comment.

In order to remove imported data you can use the "Remove" button as the following:

Removing data imported from AnsPress - WordPress Question and Answer Plugin
Removing data imported from AnsPress

More information about the Answers AnsPress Import WordPress Add-on

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