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BuddyPress Integration

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CM Answers plugin integrates with the BuddyPress plugin, specifically the groups feature. BuddyPress will display questions from the CM Answers forum by users that login with their BP profile.

BuddyPress user's profile

In the user's profile, the "Questions" tab from the CM Answers plugin will show all user's questions:

How to create a forum for a BuddyPress user group

You can also associate a BP user group with a specific CMA category. The chosen CMA category becomes a forum for this group where the users can create topics (questions) and post answers.

Don't forget to enable User Groups in the BuddyPress Settings:

How to Associate an Existing BP Group with a CMA Category

  1. Go to your BP group front-end page and click the Manage tab on the navigation bar.
  2. Open the Questions managing tab.
  3. Choose "Related CM Answers category" (you need to create some CMA categories first).
  4. Press Save changes.

Now the Questions tab will be visible on the navigation bar for this BP group:

BuddyPress Integration Settings

Under the plugin settings Appearance tab → Miscellaneous section you can find settings to control the shortcode used in the BP integration. You can use the parameters in the shortcodes to add or change the appearance of the CMA widget inside BP.

  • Shortcode attributes for BuddyPress Group - If you assigned a BP Group to a CMA category, you can adjust the shortcode which is used to display the CMA questions' list.
    Example parameters: formontop=0 limit=10 sort=hottest form=1 navbar=0
  • Restrict group questions for the users which are not in BuddyPress Group - Locks users out of the content if they don't belong to the group.
  • The message for restricted question content - The field accepts HTML.
  • User's profile custom URL - instead using CMA default user's profile page enter a custom URL template to the BuddyPress profile: /members/%s/profile/

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